inst. responsibility

Institutional social responsibility

Healthy Practices

In order to achieve our objective of educating the rural youth,healthy practice that our intuition follow is visiting villages by the member of the faculty during admission days and apprising them about the latest being run in the college. 

Institution even sponsors education to rural students who cannot pay the tuition fees. 

Soe other healthy practice and general skills such as capacity to learn through seminars , communication skills through debates are other efforts of our college in this direction. It is strong sense of belonging towards the institution of each employee which have contributed to its growth.  

Blood Donation Camps

Blood donation camps is the perfect way to cater to the demand of blood. Everyone wants to contribute towards the society and save lives. Blood donation camps are conducted by college with active participation of students raising awareness about the same.

Paper recycling projects

In order to sensitize students regarding paper recycling, a waste paper collection drive is organised every year in the college. Awareness lectures are conducted in every class and students are requested to collect waste paper and contribute to this drive. The newspaper and waste paper collected is given for recycling.



 E-wastes are considered dangerous; hazardous content of these materials pose a threat to human health and environment.E-waste from college is recycled every year.

Composting of Solid waste


Wet waste from college is composted and converted into organic manure.

Say no to plastic bags

Awareness campaign regarding reduction of use of Plastic Bags was done in the locality by the students.


With the aim to create holistic approach to issue of menstruation, RMLI organised menstural hygiene camps at villages . It is necessary for people to understand that menstrual hygiene is of utmost importance and there should be openness about puberty and menstrual hygiene. Team of gynec doctors educate young girls and women of villages about personal hygiene, hygiene products, reproductive health diseases and safe menstrual management.





Bharat Mission forward, RMLI college students conducted cleanliness drive for creating awareness among the public about the cleanliness of the village. The NSS volunteers actively participated in creating awareness by taking door to door campaign to the public, informing them about the importance of cleanliness. The students took the initiative to clean the surrounding of vicinity.


A free Medical Health Check-up camp is organised by RMLI  every year  in an endeavor to raise health awareness and to highlight the importance of regular health check-ups.